Gulfstream G650ER

S/N 6210

Aircraft Highlights

  • 16 Passenger Seating
  • Four Cabin Configuration
  • Forward and Aft Lavatories
  • Forward Galley
  • Four Place Conference Group in aft cabin
  • Gulfstream Planeview II
  • Cabin Management System
  • Runway Awareness Advisory System
  Rolls-Royce BR725Al-12
  Serial Number Left Engine: 25449
  Serial Number Right Engine: 25450


  Honeywell RE220 Serial Number P-285


  Cabin layout: Sixteen passenger four cabin configuration
  Mid cabin – forward: Three-place berthable divan with an opposing credenza
  Mid cabin – aft: Four-place conference group with opposing two single seats and console table
  Aft cabin: One single seat and one console table with an opposing two-place berthable divan
  Forward galley: Includes refrigerator, convection oven, microwaveoven, beverage makers and pullout work surface
  Lavatory: Forward vacuum lavatory and aft passenger vacuum lavatory


  Headliner: Tapis, Ultraleather, China White
  Upper sidewall: Hermes, Casaques Uni, Ecru
  Ledge: Townsend, Classic Cowhide Glossy Top Custom, Black Brown
  Lower sidewall: Townsend, Classic Gaufrage Cowhide Glossy Top Custom, Black Brown
  Seats/divan closeout/lavatory seat: Garrett, Caressa Custom, Pebble Beach
  Divan (mid-cabin): Rogers & Goffigon LTD, Ulysses, Sack
  Divan (aft cabin): Rogers & Goffigon LTD, Ulysses, Sack
  Divan closeouts: Garrett, Caressa Custom, Pebble Beach
  Lavatory cushion: Garrett, Caressa Custom, Pebble Beach
  Countertops: Dupont, Zodiaq, Mystic Black
  Cabin plating: Hightech Finishing, Black Pearl Satin (Brushed)
  Galley stack plating: Quaker City Plating, Gloss Bike Black
  Stone flooring: List.Hadrian & Sta Galaxy
  Entry pad: Tapis, Ultraleather, Doe
  Veneer: Goodrich Corp., Quarter Walnut & Quarter Black Composite Ebony
  Carpet: Scott Group, Emperors Grid with silk


AVIONICS – Standard Features
  Gulfstream PlaneView™ II / Honeywell Primus Epic Avionic
  Modular Avionics Units (3)
  Large 14-inch adaptive LCD Displays Rockwell Collins Head Up Display (HUD II) (4)
  Enhanced Vision System (EVS II)
  Synthetic Vision – Primary Flight Display (SV-PFD)
  Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS) (2)
  Standby Multifunctional Controllers (2)
  NextGen Flight Management Systems (FMS) (3)
  Inertial Reference System (IRS) LASEREF VI (3)
  Multifunction Air Data Probes (4)
  Automatic Emergency Descent Mode (EDM)
  RDR-4000 3-D Weather Radar
  FANS- lA (CPDLC/ADS-C) Data link VDL Mode
  GPS with Wide Area Augmentation System (WMS) (2)
  Lateral Precision Vertical (LPV) Approach Capability
  (MODE S) Transponders (2)
  Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS II)
  Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) with windshear detection (2)
  Digital Flight Data Recorder (FDR)
  Cockpit Voice Recorder (Data-link Recording)
  AGARS system with satellite communication link and flight deck printer
  VHF navigation systems (3)
  VHF communication systems (3)
  Triple-frequency Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELTI)
  24-channel Global Positioning Systems (GPS) (2)


CABIN EQUIPMENT – Standard Features
  Gulfstream Cabin Management System (GCMS)
  Gulfstream CabinView™ flight information system with worldwide maps
  INMARSAT satellite communication system
  Passenger oxygen system
  Electric window shades
  Electric wine chiller
  Iridium satellite telephone system
  Miniature liquor storage
  Wireless Local Area-Network(LAN)
  Miscellaneous storage with door/drawer activated
  LED lighting Passenger address system
  Entryway acoustical door
  Flight deck privacy curtain
  Maintenance storage box
  Passenger Contol Units (PCUs)
  Three external cameras
  Passenger service units
  Aircraft outfitted for FAA Part 91 operations
  26-inch HD LCD monitor in forward cabin bulkhead
  Auxiliary HD Multimedia Input (HDMI) jack(s)Gulfstream
  115V/6OHz universal outlets throughout aircraft
  Dual-slot Blu-ray/DVD/CD player
  HD AudioNideo Distribution System (AVDS)


  Runway Awareness Advisory System (RMS)
  Paper towel holder in galley
  Aircraft Health & Trend Monitoring System (AHTMS)
  Quartz polymer countertops (galley and lavatories)
  Predictive Windshear (PWS) – Activation
  USB ports (charging only) left and right side of flight deck
  XM Weather – Continental US coverage
  26-inch HD LCD Monitor installed on mid cabin bulkhead
  Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B Out)
  Tempus IC telemedicine monitor
  Jet Connex (Ka-Band) High-Speed Data System
  Lined ledge storage compartments
  Gogo Biz lnflight Internet with text and talk
  Lined miscellaneous seat storage compartments
  Honeywell Swift Broadband
  Custom credenza with 32 inch HD LCD hinged monitor
  Satcom Direct Global VT (requires Satcom Direct Router)
  Custom conference table extension (loose equipment)
  AIRING Direct – Data link Service Provider
  Three Jetbed single seat grouping mattresses
  Honeywell DSB satellite television – multi region coverage
  Crew nameplate holder on entry bulkhead
  One Prima Donna single seat grouping mattress
  One Sky Lounger double seat grouping mattress
  One flooring (Entry, Vestibule, Galley, Forward Lavatory and Aft Lavatory)
  Hinged coat hooks on right hand EER panel
  Full length removable coat rod in forward lavatory
  Custom galley/ galley annex
  Custom lavatory vanity mirror
  Baggage compartment hinged shelf
  Baggage compartment media cabinet

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