Does your company depend on travel to conduct business?

Airlines are notorious for cancelling flights during market changes and emergencies. Your business and your customers can’t rely on uncertainty. Scheduled service from the airlines can easily be disrupted during emergencies, pandemics, economic downturns, and more.

These scenarios require business leaders to adapt to allow their businesses to survive. Not only is the bottom line important, but the welfare of your employees is equally important.

Business aviation can provide a few options when “normal” travel is no longer available.

Two main options are present for businesses and individuals.



Option 1 – Book a Chartered Aircraft

This option is widely used by various individuals, families, and businesses, to travel to almost anywhere in the world. This option allows most people to travel without the hassle of TSA Lines, baggage lines, and in most cases without even the need to interact with other people.

Prices vary greatly depending on distance and aircraft used but, it is a very effective option in saving time. The downside might mean you won’t have complete control over the departure time or who the passengers are on-board.

Benefits Include:

  • Ability to customize trips that fit your needs
  • Ability to choose from a majority of airports
  • Ability to travel alone

  Option 2 – Purchase an Aircraft for Your Business or Family

This option is a great for businesses and families who want complete control over their flying options. This allows businesses to place their employees, executives, or families on private aircraft.

Benefits Include:

  • Complete control over departure times
  • Maximizing time by allowing business to be conducted in the air without distraction
  • Eliminating airport lines and check-in times by boarding the aircraft and departing immediately
  • Limit exposure during an emergency or a pandemic to unknown people
  • Allows you and your employees to be home in time for dinner
  • Potential tax benefits for businesses which include write-offs and other advantages
  • Ability to choose from additional airports such as private airstrips and executive airports

Whether you choose option 1 or 2, having the ability of choice is key to adapting in business and in life. Both options offer their own attractive positions, and both can contribute to your bottom line by allowing your sales teams, engineers, executives, and family to travel expeditiously without the challenges presented by commercial airline operations.

If you would like to know more about how private aviation can help your firm or family during a crisis or challenge, our team of aviation professionals at Modern Aviation can guide you to the right decision.

Modern Aviation provides both Charter Services and Aircraft Sales.

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