BFI Hangar, Office and Terminal Project

BFI Hangar and Office Development Project and Newly Renovated FBO Terminal

A total of 64,500 SF of hangar space, additional 7,500 SF of leasable office space and newly renovated FBO terminal.

At Boeing Airfield/King County International Airport

Completed April 2022!

Contempory Twist On The Conventional FBO

  • Development utilized recycled materials and Cradle to Cradle Certified products
  • Expanded Corporate meeting space which incorporates latest web conference capabilities
  • Modernized hangar amenities such as laundry center, ice machine, kitchenette, restroom, and shower
Front Desk (1)
New Bfi Lobby
New Bfi Pilots Lounge
Conference Room (1)
Bfi New 40000 Sqft Hangar (1)

If you are interested in leasing space at our facility, please contact us.


Eric Schneider, General Manager